Managing Workflows with our point of sale


I do suggest rather than keeping manual notes on the side that you use the different note-taking ability in our software.

There are several advantages to doing this.

You will become in your organisation better organised

You and everyone else knows where the note is and that anywhere, you do not have to be in the shop have internet, to get that note. It is much harder to lose it. There is an old joke, "I have worked everything out. I know where everything is now where is that piece of paper?"


Create a better and more productivity information flow

Anyone can get on the computer and get that note. If they cannot access it, they know why?


Scan through your documents to find the note you required

Paper everywhere and it's a pain to search



You have a history since everyone has access to that note, everyone can contribute. When it is done, it does not get tossed so you can always get it if required.

If you want to extend the capability, you can integrate our POS Software into either Evernote or OneNote both are free on the basic version. I prefer Evernote. What I like about it then is that I can be anywhere and pull out my mobile, and make a note. 

Our company policy is to store as much as possible digitally, and I suggest that you make it your company policy too.



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