Making an EOFY Sale in your marketing!


At the end of the upcoming fiscal year, make a marketing plan for the next few weeks. Do they work? Well, look at any large retailer, these people have heaps of experience in this matter, what are they doing? Would they do all this advertising if it did not work?

If it works for them, why not you?

Take a look around your shop for some loss leaders to fuel the sale.

Need some ideas? Here is something that will take you a few seconds to give you these ideas.

Go to register reports > stock titled "Old Stock on hand by Date last received"

This will gives you a listing of your stock based on when you received it. Unfortunately, this stock is rarely doing you much good, and it often costs you to keep it.

Here are some ideas for you to season your EOFY sale.

1) What about making some of this into a bundle by putting some of these with something that does sell.

2) Make a bargain bin.

3) Use them as specials

Now put them out and put a sign on your shop.

Let me know how it goes. I doubt you will be sorry you try, but I am sure you will be sorry if you do not try it!

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