Lockdown 6 and the necessity to be able to do remote working


Lockdown 6 and the necessity to be able to do remote working

Today, most of our work is done remotely. That is because we did one thing right – Remote working.

With the uncertainty surrounding this pandemic and the speed of these snap lockdowns that our governments are putting in place, today we often have to work remotely. What was once a convenience used to avoid a commute to the shop is currently a necessity. My accountant calls me. He is at home. I am at home, we are talking on the telephone. The only way to get the stuff done is by me remotely dialling into work. This is life now in August 2021.

What I have noticed with people remote working is that you need to return messages and telephone calls quicker than before. People tend to be more time-conscious remote working. Try answer straight away, even if it is to say "When I get back to the shop on ..... I will do this..."

 Questions About Remote Work, Answered

Here are some quick FAQs that some people ask me about remote working if you have not started yet.

Q) Can our software can work remotely?

A) YES, there are several methods you can use. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our support staff to recommend the best way to do so with our software.


Q) Do I need to make changes?

A) Yes, you need the technology infrastructure in place to support remote work. Often it is much in cost but organisation. Home machines that kids used for games need checking for malware.


Q) Do I need a good Internet connection?

A) Depends. Suppose all you need are reports. Often we can set up a procedure that can work on flaky internet connections. If you want online access, as if you are there, you need a decent internet connection.


Q) Is my information secure?

A) It depends on how you do it. I would suggest that you consider frequent password changes. For example, I dialled my company from a public WIFI in the shopping centre. When I came home, I changed my passwords immediately. I had doubted my sensitive data going through these public WIFI systems.


If you are concerned, you can use a VPN at a minor cost. I pay about $3/month for a VPN.


Q) Does someone have to be in the shop for it to work?

A) There are some pluses and minus to setting it up, so someone must be there.


Remote work considerations for the future

Today we have to accept that COVID is mutating, so producing new waves. Some employees are more vulnerable than others. Others have kids, and if the kids are in a lockdown, they often cannot come to work. Others prefer working from home. So we have to accept that a proportion of the workforce won't be returning to work soon.

Remote working will be with us from now on, your software has to be able to handle it.

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