Location in stock

In Amazon warehouse, they do not have any order apparently on where the goods are stored, what they do is plonk the stock in the first available shelf and then mark in the computer where they have put it. It shows how unimportant in a warehouse, stock location can be.

This is undoubtedly not true however in retail brick and mortar shops where both staff and customers need some order to find what they are looking for in the shop. What happens is the way peoples minds work, that sometimes it is tough to figure out on the spot where the product is plus now and then what happens is for some reason the stock gets moved into another section and so is not available where it is typically. What happens then is that a customer cannot find it and what sometimes happens is the staff cannot find it either. What gets then is frustrating to the retailer, if the customer walks out because you do not have the stock which you did have.

That is why we recommend that if you do move stock around, you mark the location where it is now in your retail software. Often you can use a bulk change to move the stock location in bulk, but bulk departments and dissections are not the problems here as dog food in a pet shop or cards in a newsagency tend to stand out.

It is for individual items you need to go into the stock edit to change them as here

Having the location in your stock file is also the first step in creating a planogram, of which I will talk about later.