Light weight automatic barcode scanners


Light weight automatic barcode scanners

Firstly make sure its compatible with our point of sale software. Some are not, some are partly and some are fully compatible. You need to check first.

What is good about these scanners are they are easy to move around, place and then use. The big plus is that they are cheap.

What they are excellent for, is doing returns of goods where it is convenient to use them. So if you need them, they are very handy.

Just do not count on them lasting a long time. Say their life expectancy is 50,000 scans and you expect to do 100 scans a day then the scanner is good for about two years. Note for a cheap scanner that might be acceptable.

Here are some tips about buying these scanners

I suggest that you get automatic sensing, it will give you a free hand.

Check the balance of the unit some of them need to be nailed down to use because they keep falling over which defeats the purpose of getting these scanners.

What I recommend is that once in place you put a rubber band on the scanner to hold them in the stand, just in case. 

As generally, they are not good scanners, they will often do the job if your barcodes are clear, not reflective paper and dry. I would suggest you will have problems on say wet cans of drink. 

Of course, like any scanner, you need to learn how to hold it with the best angle and distance.  No getting around that.

You need to check the screen always that the items have the scanned as sometimes they miss.

Check what technical support is on offer. If something goes wrong who can you call?




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