Last chance to move your football stock



It's always a problem as the Grand Finals are coming up, most people's teams are out, and although the football sales should be good, it is only for a short time. If it does not move, you may be stuck with the stock, which is often unsellable. Who in 2023 will want a stock with a 2022 label?

What is a good idea is to ring your supplier and see what can be done. If the problem worries you, it is much more for them.

Stick a sign-up, make a Grand Final Sale and try to move it.

Interestingly, I have noticed that most of the items offered in their Grand Final Sales have nothing to do with football. As long as you have a few products for football, there is no reason why many other products can be added to your Grand Final Sale.

As always, I recommend marking the sale on your computer to see how it does.


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