Keeping XchangeIT fees down


In 2007, we went to our users with a campaign to get them to start sending sales data. Writing and calling people to get them to send sales data. We asked people to do it and that campaign proved successful. 

From almost nothing, soon I was told that we were sending almost all the high-quality data. The problem was as this campaign went on, XchangeIT found it impossible to provide the data to keep it up. We needed information on who was not sent. XchangeIT could only provide data on who was sending.

With XchangeIT new systems, this problem is fixed. Soon many newsagents that are not sending sales data correctly will find their fees increased. This fee increase is unnecessary, as most of our users in XchangeIT can send sales data free so saving themselves money.

As well as that, without sales data, the newsagency cannot share in the new ordering system (SBR) which appears to increase magazine sales by 1.5%.

What we are trying to do is get a list from XchangeIT of people that are not sending sales data correctly and fix them up before the new charges start to come in September.

If you are not sending sales data and using Xchangeit, we have an information sheet explaining how to set up sales history