It's a Long Hard Slog to Make Free Newspapers Profitable


Coming from a small-business background where everything is in short to the medium time frame, I find it fascinating to follow large corporations with their long-term time frames. One example is how much money the newspaper companies spend to make a newspaper. Years ago, I remember how the Australian ran at a loss for years, yet the publishers were willing to keep spending to make a long-term paper.

The reality it appears that few of these free papers make money.

Another disturbing trend coming out of this free paper model, not discussed here is that to remain competitive several paid newspapers overseas are using a semi-free model; they are free now in the metro areas and normal price in the suburbs. This is almost what is happening in Australia now in some universities.

The best site for studying the free paper model is here.[link removed]

Newspapers are now a great product, very important which is why we all spend so much time on them but I suggest that many of my clients should look at their business model at the long term like the publishers are here because it is going to change.