Items that should not be on sale

What is happening now is that either because of user errors but mainly because of fault data in the electronic downloads, what is happening is that items are going on sale when they should not be? This of course costs the retailer money.

Please do not worry as we have a report that can help you and if you have such a problem, this report will show it.

Go to register reports> stock

There you will find a report "Stock on Sale Between a Given Period"

Now there are a lot of options there to help you, but I will keep it simple but I think that it's worth going through some of the more detailed options later.

Now what I selected was this month and note I ticked too "Show all within period"

Now what appears is this report.

As you can see some of the sales dates that are active are really quite old. Now I suggest you go over and check it. As its an ad-hoc report, you can edit it on the report itself, put notes on it, sort it by any order you like, etc., etc. Try it, and you will find the flexibility in our point of sale software is incredible.