It is better to make your own digital signage


I was asked a few days ago about whether I thought it was worth it for a retailer to hire a digital display? To do it, they were quoted $3,000 which they believe is a reasonable price.

Here is an example, which I think you will agree with me looks effective. 

Digital retail screen

These displays are currently being used to push retail content to drive purchase decisions. What is great is that as hanging such a display is relatively easy with simple mounting it can be placed as in here in a relatively useless position, high up on the wall. Just make sure the screen is big enough to be seen easily from where people stand. This allows you to keep valuable floor space uncluttered while still having a way to spread the news on what’s happening in the shop.

To me, it looks like a lot of money for what it is, which is what I said.

HI-RES pictures to make the display are often freely available from the supplier of the goods. What you need is about 15 pictures, if you want to, you can use your smartphone to take these pictures too. Just take plenty of pictures and carefully pick the best.

Here is why I say fifteen (15) images. If you display each for say twelve (12) seconds each with second (3) seconds change over, this will give you four (4) minutes, which for a start should be long enough. 

Now if you know how to use some package like proshow, which if you don't know how to use it it is not that hard to learn. I have found it well worth to learn it personally too. For example, I take a heap of pictures at weddings, then make a video and everyone been very appreciative. If you must a trained photographer can for a few hundred dollars make you a professional video. Put it on a small USB stick.

Now all you need is a TV which many of us have spare at home or get a cheap second-hand TV. 

Now hang up the screen and your up and running. 

I would be surprised if it comes in at much over $500. 

You can then improve and change it as your shop changes without asking anyone permission.


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