iPad users are using it.


I was looking through this survey of UK iPad owners available here, [Page removed] people who own iPads are using them. What is very disturbing is that it is their preferred device for reading newspapers, magazines, and books. 43% of iPad owners use it, mainly at home more than 10 hours a week.

This is disturbing for the newspaper retailers with the growing usage of iPad and its brothers. Already over 300,000 apps for newspapers have been sold or distributed here. As the newspaper companies here are pointing it, it is already affecting circulation.

The spread of these devices will continue as people get more used to them, as they fall in price, with the generous tax concessions for educational use and state and federal government plans to distribute these devices in schools and libraries.

One positive point is that the main buyers of newspapers are over the 50s who are less likely to buy iPads. Still, newsagents need to plan for a faster decline in the circulation of newspapers and magazines as these devices spread.