iPad on a test run

The iPad is nice and easy to read, but we wanted to see what it would be like in the morning in the car when people do their rounds so we took this morning the iPad on a test run.

For anyone that does deliveries, as an ereader the iPad has one big advantage. It has a GPS inbuilt. Where ever you are, you can call up a road map. So we tried our integration of round cards and google maps on the iPad.

So you get something exactly like a Melways, which shows you exactly where you are. Imagine just press a button and up pops something like this.

I was amazed, at the quality. What made it extremely useful was it had a black-light. So we could read it even though it was fairly dark.

As we are very strong on open source, we have decided on the google standard but for the time being the iPad is definitely worth considering for newsagents. Soon I am sure newsagents will no longer print round cards.

Note if you decide to get an iPad make sure that it has the WiFi, so you can run our software on it.