Introducing our latest point of sale integrated website



Today we’re excited to announce our latest, completely integrated point of sale system that fully joins our point-of-sale system to a retail website so closing the gap between your physical shop and online shop.

This means you do not need to learn a new system.

As you can manage your shop and website from your existing point of sale system.

You do not need a patchwork of systems.

If you want to run an online shop out of your shop, we know you’re going to love it.

Click here for our latest website.

The sales, transaction processing, the end of day it links into, the works... You can add stock items or update a stock item in the point of sale, and it automatically updates in the website seamlessly. All these items are using our full stock synchronization coming out of our point of sale software.

A few of the many functions include:

* Automatic image upload from your point of sale

* Control your website site from your point-of-sale system.

* The web shop can be your design totally; you do not need to use standard themes. You can make your online shop, follow yourv existing designs

* Automatic stock upload from your point of sale

* Sales alerts to your point of sale.

* Automatic order control

* Live stock quantities

* Linked into your existing loyalty marketing system

* You have an online reporting system.

* Link to google analytics

We are now closer to reaching our goal of making your online shop better.

Check the site out here.

And if you want to know more, let us know or stayed tuned here.