Intralot entry into Lotto unsatisfactory,21985,24109993-2862,00.html

It is almost official what people have been saying, the switch from Lotto to Intralot in Victoria is not going well at all. I think partly because of consumer resistance to the switch although the late delivery of the units to many sites which resulted in inadequate preparation did not help either.,21985,24109993-2862,00.html

Just a month after it opened for business in Victoria, leaked figures reveal sales for the Greek gambling company are running at about $1 million a week, way down on forecast estimates of $5.4 million.

As people are not buying Lotto to compensate, I estimate this is costing Intralot's agents just under $400,000 a week in lost commissions over $1,700 in profit each. Many agents will not be able to afford that! While the Victorian government, is possibly losing, a million dollars a week in taxation