How to sort of determine the Age of Your Computer


Recently, a client brought an almost new computer, it was claimed, but it turned out to be an old computer. Interestingly the client himself is very computer knowledgable, and he was fooled.

So it led to a discussion here on how to determine the age of a computer. It turned out to be quite tricky. Unlike cars, few computers have a manufacture date stamped on them. Plus, most computers should be better described as an assembled date rather than the manufactured date.

Invoice date

My client did it by looking at the invoice date. It was not right. Also this is not easy as people often do not have this documentation. The other problem is that the date of sale only sometimes corresponds to the age of the computer. Some computers sit in a warehouse or a store for long periods unsold. This is particularly true if they have been sold on a computer sale. There are good reasons why computer sales often have good prices. This can be, at best, a good guide, but that is all.

Inspection of computer

You can also try looking at the label on the back or side of your computer to determine its age. Once you have the model number, you can search online to discover the initial release date of that computer.

You can note the computer's serial number and contact the manufacturer's customer service. Their representative should be able to provide information to you on when this model was in production and an estimate of when your computer was built. That is the only definite way I can think of.

BIOS date

Probably the quickest way to determine the approximate time your computer was initially assembled is from the BIOS date. What you can do is check the system information in Windows. To access this type "system information" in the start menu's search bar, run it, and a window will pop out showing you details about the computer, including the BIOS Date.


System information accessing


What you will get is


This will only work if the computer has not updated its BIOS from the initial installation and the BIOS was new at the assembled date.

Windows settings

Going into windows setting > about, it will tell you the version of Windows and when Windows was installed. Again its a guide no more as a new version of windows may have been installed on that computer

Windows install date

Summing up

It is not easy to find out. These methods, at best can only help.

Having said this, it's important to note that the age of a computer is not always an accurate indicator of its performance or lifespan. An older computer that has been well-cared for often functions perfectly for many years. New computers that are lemons are not uncommon, either.


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