How to find 5 km radius from your shop with these interactive sites


Well, there are many changes to everyone, there are many restrictions on us because of COVID-19.

In Victoria, the big one is that people can only shop 5 km from home. What can they do, nothing but stay strong? There are plenty with worse problems now then this restriction.



If you want to know your feeder area for the shop now in Victoria, there are many sites out there that can help you.

I went through them, and these interactive maps can show a five-kilometre radius around your shop. I picked them as they appear to be the easiest and best ones to use. Have a shot and see which one works best for you.

{Link was removed}

The Age newspaper

Put in your address into the search bar, click 5 km, and a circle will appear showing your radius. The people in this area can visit your shop for shopping once a day.

If you find some better ones, let me know.

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