How to celebrate your customer's birthdays


Every one of us comes to our birthday gets heaps of organisations offering us something to buy with them. The reason why is because nothing else seems to bring people in like a birthday offer. Here is a screenshot of a study.


According to the study, 51 percent of consumers do feel special if a retailer acknowledges their birthday, and 40 percent are more likely to shop at a retailer that recognises their birthday. I can believe that as nothing seems to bring people into a shop than a birthday offer.

With your POS software check out the Customer Loyalty Mailing section, there are as you can see heaps of options just on the primary screen here we will discuss the other options later.


Note you can relate it to previous purchases too to personalise it.

If you are going to do this, you need to remember a few simple points.

1) The offer for maximum effect must arrive two to four weeks ahead of the birthday. People are making plans, they will be busy, they need time, and you have to give them adequate notice to be part of their plans.

2) It needs to be meaningful to them. Think of your birthday in your shop, you want something unique, special and you are willing to pay more to get it than usual, what is it or can be this item? Maybe instead of an item, you select a range of possible items so to make the net bigger.

3) Dollars overall tend to work better than discount percentages so $15 off if the item is over $100 works better than 15%.

4) A gift works well too, people expect presents on their birthday so, for example, the best bread in our store free for your birthday if you buy over $30 of stock.

5) Studies have shown people will sign up for a shop VIP club just to get a birthday present.