How much did you get yesterday for a Sydney Morning Herald? And delivery fee?


Was it $26.00 and was the delivery fee $9.10?

Checkout what this guy got?

He might be more now. Check it out on ebay.
The Item number: 380079164438

Years ago I wrote that newsagents were missing a great opportunity to sell to collector - Newspapers, posters and magazines.

Here is what I wrote

Newspaper posters (Business tip)

Hold this thought, how many video library sells the old posters of movies.

If you think about it, many people want posters to hang on the wall. It’s a chance to remember and think about major events that are important to them.

So while I was looking though eBay, I discovered an idea that, I am sure, would interest you. Newspaper posters are sellable items. Most of you knew that but until eBay had little chance of accessing this memorabilia market. Well yow you can.

In case you are wondering what you can get for them on eBay! The following are some I checked off on eBay of newsstand poster announcing the death of Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter

The Australian newspaper poster went for $22.50
How many of you, just threw out $22.50 in the rubbish bin?

The daily tribune got $6.50

CAIRNS POST got $42.99

Apparently it’s the most valuable because that is where it happened. As well as that it’s looks nice and glossy. Still I bet quite a few of our client in Cairns there threw that one out too.

Doing a check how many newspaper posters for sale on eBay.

I suggest just keep them for a month and doing a collection called Australia remembers September 11, 2006, then October, November etc and then next year plan to do a year collection called Australia 2007 and putting that up for sale?

If some major event occurs then consider releasing a theme collection of newspaper posters.

Are wondering what the old newspaper went for? Well a set of four old newspapers on the same event went for $56.00 today.