Getting the facts straight


I read one of my competitor’s blog posts that one of my clients was upset over our software cost for a year of $6,000+. I decided to hear what my client-side of the story was.

It was easy to find him as I have only one client that pays that much. All other of my clients pay only a small fraction of that.

So I rang him. I told him that I heard that you have been talking to my competitor about the software bill. He sheepishly replied that he had but how did I know? I said it is on his blog site.

I then stated how could he say he was misled? We had talked earlier for ages about it. Then we had given him an invoice earlier before we even did the work. Further we only continued after he agreed to proceed.

He read the article and then admitted that he had approached my competitor to see what they could do! They could not do what was required. However, even if they could have what he liked was the posbrowser ease of use so he would have stayed with us.

He also felt that the blog post was a misrepresentation of the facts. His confidence was breached and written without even asking him. In his words "extremely unprofessional".