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A Comprehensive Guide to Using a Payment Type Breakup Report for Reconciliation and Analysis

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Reconciling daily payments to the bank statement can be a complex task in managing business finances today.

So we have developed a Payment Type Breakup Report to help you.

What is a Payment Type Breakup Report?

You will find it here.

See Reports> Sales - Register > Payment Type Breakup.


Menu item for the payment type breakup report

This report summarises payments for the bank's particular period broken up by days. The totals by payment type are listed on the report, with a Grand Total at the bottom. The report can be produced for any period on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis.

The Payment Type Breakup Report 

The report's column headings include the date, total amounts collected, and how each payment type pays each. It is done by day because sometimes, the bank will divide up what it gets into one of your days and put some in tomorrow's totals.

Reconciliation can be accomplished quickly by comparing the bank totals with the total amount sold for each payment type in your POS System. After that, any inconsistencies should be considered to ensure every sale has been recorded and your company's finances are in order.

It also gives you the added benefit of quickly identifying the current trends in the preferred payment methods of your customers. What it does is enable informed decisions regarding the processing of payments.


This tool is handy if you want to manage and reconcile your POS Software with the bank effectively.

Just another example of how our POS System gives you something you can use.



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