Football in retail

Did you have the right stock for the football starting now?

Today one of my clients called me up and told me that by using the same methods that I spoke about here on Valentine's Day they discovered that they had missed this year start of the football season. So they rang up to thank me. Lovely, I should get more telephone calls like that.

If you look at google trends and put in football and AFL for Australia over the past five years, and compared it for reference with Valentine's day you will see this graph. Apologies to people in NSW for missing them, but I am a Mexican.

As you can see although interest in Valentine's day, this year was unusually high, generally AFL is much bigger and it last longer.

However, they only picked it up by running the reports on our system that I spoke about earlier. Like the people that rung me, if you have done nothing, you need to move now.

Note its a excellent idea to go through your diary and make for your shop a marketing calendar, if you have not got a marketing calendar yet, or you just want to check that you have not missed anything a good place to start is here.