Fingerprint security


Many of the management functions in your point of sale software such as voiding a transaction, changing prices and stock quantities should only be accessed by senior management. 

To protect these functions, the best, the quickest and easiest method now available are fingerprint scanners.

Here are more advantages of fingerprint scanners.

1) They are the only identification system in use now in retail that can verify with near certainty the identity of an individual. Security on passwords can be dubious as people who work with you may know your passwords, but they certainly do not have your fingerprints. Unlike ID cards and passwords, people cannot steal them to gain access to areas of your software where they should not go.

2) It is often much more convenient, people walk around with their fingers, they often do not walk around with their employee ID cards.

3) Saves money and time as you no longer have to issue ID cards, which often tend to get forgotten, lost or stolen. In fact, you can stop producing such ID cards.

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