Finding the Right Cash Box for Your Business


Sturdy cash box

As a brick-and-mortar retailer, managing the cash in your registers is vital to your business operations. An efficient and secure cash management system helps you stay organised and minimize loss due to mishandling or theft. This is great in the shop, but now and then, you need to use a cash box to store money outside the shop. But with so many options on the market, how do you pick the best one?

From my experience, when evaluating a cash box for your retail business, keep these features in mind:

Secure Yet Accessible Storage

It would be best to have a box that keeps money locked up, deters theft, and allows you to access the money easily for making change. Ensure you have a cash box with separate compartments for bills and coins and good-quality spring-loaded cash clips to keep currency neatly stacked.


It is a pain to use a key to open and close them. We suggest having a latch and a lock.  Many, in my experience, have weak locks. Get a decent lock.

Sized for Your Needs

Consider the volume of cash you need to handle. The compartments should be roomy enough to accommodate multiple stacks of bills and rolls of coins without overflowing. 

Make sure that the cash box can handle Australian notes. Chinese and US cash boxes often cannot. Here is a dead giveaway: look at the image above. It has US notes. I bet there will be a problem.

Make sure you have enough room in the cash box to handle change.

Portability and Protection

Since you'll move the box around for collecting cash deposits, find one lightweight yet sturdy. I would suggest looking at fireproof and waterproof options, which offer extra security to shield your money.

Can it be secured to a table? One client drilled a hole into the cash box and used a bike lock to secure it to the stand.


The reality is that most of these cash bo9xes will not last five minutes against a determined person, but still try not to make it too easy for them.

I prefer metal cash boxes. Unfortunately, it sometimes makes the cash box too heavy, so be aware.

Integrate Seamlessly With Your POS

Our POS Systems can, with a laptop or computer, use a cash box, so no worries there.


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