Final note before 2020


I thought I better write this before the festivities begin today and I start on the festivities.

Like this guy here, we are to leap forward. 

I like this picture as he is not looking backward. It would be dangerous for him to do so. It shows that there is no going backwards; the way things used to be is gone.

In 2020, retail in SMB will be about data. With our software, you have one of the most powerful reporting systems for real-time data and analytics. In 2019 in our market space, after a review, it was the system selected for the Australian Government trials with its major reform of EFTPOS with the CDC cards.

This real-time data and analytics can completely transform the way you handle the strategic and tactical decisions you need to make about pricing, promotions, and product placement too often much better than you can manually? 

A typical client of ours sold 20,060 different stock lines in the 2018 year. Do you think that manually they could keep track of the stock quantities needed for each of these lines in their shop, our program can! 

The time is long past when suppliers would supply you the retailer with sales data to help you sell more. You have to get it yourself. Rather than relying on guesswork and feel, to make smarter decisions for your shop.

Here are some things that our software can do: 

  1. It can predict with accurate recommendations.your stock purchases
  2. It can give you essential performance metrics KPIs
  3. It can forecast overall trends.
  4. Give you all your stock lines a sales forecast.
  5. It can do a market basket analysis that shows you what products customers are most likely to purchase together. 
  6. It can help you to optimise your pricing.

Okay, I could go on and on about this stuff with the requirements now for 20/20 vision, but I’m just going to stop here, I will discuss it more in detail later.

I do want to say now a big thank you to all my readers for a fantastic year! Your support, comments and kind words mean so much to me and I am very grateful to you all.  

Forward to 2020 





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