Extending birthday offers for loyalty marketing


With your Customer relationship management (CRM), why not now offer an extended birthday reward?

People respond positively to birthday greetings with a positive reaction, surveys show up to 88%. This is when people do some self-indulgence and spend. It possibly the most important marketing holiday in retail as nothing else seems to bring people in like a birthday offer. Here is a screenshot of a study.


According to a study, 51 percent of consumers do feel special if a retailer acknowledges their birthday, and 40 percent are more likely to shop at a retailer that recognises their birthday. I believe that as nothing seems to bring people into a shop than a birthday offer.

With our point of sale software, Birthday offers record typically of about 25% success.

Now because of the COVID-19, many people have missed their birthday and only now starting to come out. Why not offer an extended period on a birthday offer now? What you are saying is that we know you could not celebrate it then but now we are getting back to normal your reward is waiting for you to use.

Here is how it works and it is easy to set up, when you are entering a VIP customer, simply put in their birthday. It is much better if they use their real birthday but if not, put in their join date. You can always correct it later if they point it out.


Towards the end of the month, send a VIP email or letter to all your clients who have birthdays coming up next month with your offer.

You will quickly know how well it goes for you as using our point of sale software, which is the best CRM for small business, I have seen you will have access to targeted, data-driven marketing reports that let you know how it goes.

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