ePay how to get it and what to do


We did a webinar on our next coming release of the latest integration of ePay, which almost 150 attended. The webinar is here.


The emphasis was not so much ePay itself but on how it integrates into our software.

The big pluses of integration are that it is

*Quicker to use
*Easier to use
*Does not involve any extra devices on the front counter
*Can be done on any cash register

Also discussed was how to get ePay now, if your interested you need to sign up here to get the products and services that it has now.

Here are some companies that I thought were particularly notable.


As they have are some of the largest moving products in the world, they do get people into the shop.

Although not stated at the webinar, I should add that the big bonus and improvement with ePay over Touch is that Vodafone will now be available. Touch does not have this alone is a big step forward.

Also what you need to do is order so ePay posters, as there is no point in having the product if you do not appropriately advertise it. ePay does have wide selections of point of sale posters for you.




does it do Linkt and eastlink passes integrated

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