Drinks are you missing out


One department that I believe my clients are doing much worse than they should is in drinks. Almost invariably when I do a big data analysis on one of my clients' shop data, what is clear is that the drink department is doing worse than it should. So what I do notice  when I go overseas, is the drink departments in many shops there in stores similar to my clients' stores in Australia are much bigger.  It must mean something.

I realise that it is for many a small department but still that is no excuse for not getting better value.

Another problem here, I think is that the mix in the drink department is fast changing, yet many of my clients are stuck on the old drinks like Coca-Cola and Lemonade. This is often due to your history files telling you what did sell but not what is selling outside your shop. As a result many are neglecting the growing functional beverage market such as health, energy and sports drinks all of which are rapidly growing.

Have a read here for more on this subject. [link removed]