Dos Training with Rob from Parkmore Centre Newsagency


Rob came in to get some help with his Dos system from Leon and me. We predominately spoke about invoicing magazines from XChangeIT. He was having this issue where when he brought in the magazines they were linked to the wrong items. This was causing him major issues with putaways – customers would have the wrong magazine assigned to them when they come in. Also occasionally when he scanned a magazine in the register it would come up with the wrong item. This is all due to incorrect invoicing. Leon and I took Rob through the process of bringing in the magazine and either matching it to an existing item or if the item is not in his system, creating a new one and establishing the link.

Rob had a few other small queries which we answered and by the end of the session he was feeling a bit more confident – we gave him some documents to take home and go through. We told Rob to call if he had any further issues or just wanted to make queries. It was nice to be able to show the client what to do rather than describing it over the phone like I am used to. Hopefully, when he goes back to his store he’s now able to invoice like we showed him and avoid those problems he was coming across.