DOS Training

Date: Tuesday 10th July 2007

Venue: VANA, 806-810 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North

There will be two training sessions held at VANA on Tuesday 10th July 2007 for DOS USERS.

10am - 1pm for Beginners to Intermediate Users
2pm - 5pm for Advanced users.
Members can stay for both sessions if they wish

The training will be conducted by Bernard

An outline of the training is:

Morning session:

* How to turn on the system
* Backups
* How move around the system
* Cash register functions
* Customer payments
* How to set up a customer
* Rounds and sequencing
* Subagent handling

Afternoon session:

* System Maintenance
* Stock Taking
* Maintaining Stock Control
* Automatic Ordering
* Customer Statements
* XchangeIT & Magazine Returns
* And More..
* Questions and answers section

Light refreshments will be provided for lunch. Please register your interest by telephoning VANA on (03) 9482 2911. If sufficient numbers are not registered the training sessions may be canceled. Please support these sessions as these have been arranged after many requests from newsagents.