Does not look like we will have a Christmas

Support calls % in period compared to previous years
From To Change%
2/12/2013 22/12/2013 -15.8%
1/12/2014 21/12/2014 -6.9%
30/11/2015 20/12/2015 +9.4%

Support calls % now compared to last month
From To Change%
02/11/2015 22/11/2015
30/11/2015 20/12/2015 +6.2%

These tables are very disturbing to us, as you can see after two years of dropping the number of support calls are up to this year. In fact, they are up compared to last month and there is no reason to expect this trend not to stay. I am not sure what the reason, but it appears that part is the current confusion by many over magazine returns by Gordan and Gotch. The other is the number of viruses are up, fortunately our engineering staff are on board to handle this.

Clearly, we are going to have to roster more staff on to get us through the seasonal break. It is doable as our office does not shut.

So we will be working straight through this holiday period, and that includes not only our regular support staff but also our weekend support service.

PS Programming, engineering and accounts are not shutting either.