Do you need a guest Wi-Fi Network?


Do you need a guest Wi-Fi account?

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What is a guest Wi-Fi account?

It is a separate account that gives visitors access to your internet without giving them access to your business information. 

Businesses set them up to offer a service to their clients. Typically they pay nothing for it, and it provides:

Marketing Opportunities

A guest Wi-Fi account is used as a marketing tool by providing customers with promotions, advertisements, or other incentives when they log in, plus supplying marketing figures.

Customers stay longer

Customers are encouraged to spend more time on the premises using a guest Wi-Fi account which may increase sales. A man in a woman's dress shop can keep himself engaged while his wife selects a dress, reducing his complaints and demands to leave. In a cafe, a person can stay longer, so consuming more coffee.

More clients

Businesses that offer such a service will attract customers who value this service. 


It makes your business seem friendlier to visitors. Some sites like FaceBook give you extra points on your FaceBook page for offering free Wi-Fi.

Why should you set up a separate guest Wi-Fi account in your Wi-Fi?

If you decide it is worth doing, there are several good reasons to set up a Guest Wi-Fi account:


If someone comes into your store and needs Wi-Fi, you give them an account that offers this, but it does not let them access any of your sensitive data to protect your security.


Customers can access the internet on a guest Wi-Fi account without asking for passwords or network information. 

Parental Controls

These can be enforced on a Guest account. You do not want legal problems such as downloading from inappropriate websites children's porn in your business.

Managing Bandwidth

You can ensure that guests use up only a little of your internet by giving them access to your guest network. 


There are some legal advantages to using a guest Wi-Fi account:

Keep records

It may be simpler to keep track of guests' internet usage and keep records for legal or compliance purposes as you ensure that your guests' internet usage is separate from your business data. 

Computer security

You are protecting your entire network from potential infection by viruses or malware that may be in your guests' devices.

Avoidance of Liability

You may be able to limit your liability if guests use your Wi-Fi for illegal or inappropriate activities. 

Please remember that I am not a lawyer and that nothing I say here should be considered legal advice.

Creating a Guest Wi-Fi Account

Generally, it is a simple process. 

> Typically, you log in to the management interface of your router.

> Create a brand-new network account and give it the name "{Name of your business} -Guest". 

Give the guest account a unique password—usually, no password is set.

Establish your access restrictions.

Restart your router after you've saved your changes.

Now using this account and the password you set up, your guests can connect to the internet via your Guest Wi-Fi Account.


Providing internet access to visitors via a guest Wi-Fi Account is convenient and secure. You increase the safety of your sensitive data while making it easy for guests to use your internet.

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