Do you know your customer?


When I talk to people in a large organisation, they almost immediately discuss their customer. For example, they might tell you is that our customer is " a woman with a few kids, who works and..." Then everything they do is directed at that ideal person. They do this as this works.

This person, called a "buyer persona," is a fictional person. Yet determining this is the first step of a marketing plan that can yield significant returns.

Now, who is your customer?

Most people have to think about it. When many of my smaller customers study their customer, it turns out that they are wrong.

It is easy to get this customer demographic.

Let us start simple. Take a sheet of paper and mark it like this.


Then mark people at the counter after each transaction with the approximate category. If you are not sure, pick the most likely. The overall scheme does not matter that much if a few errors occur.

You will have your answer in a few days, although I recommend using a week.

If, for example, you want to take it further, women with kids and males' unemployed, retired, level of income, etc., are commonly measured.

Once you have your customer, give this fictional person an appropriate name that describes them. For example say, Karen, who works in her early 30s with a couple of kids.

Whenever you think of making changes to your shop, buy stock, etc. Pause, chew and consider what your Karen will think of that. How will she react? Targeting her will help you get more business as she represents most of your business.

Try it.

For the little work required you can make your marketing more effective.

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