Discount vouchers


There are some Gift Cards / Vouchers that are excluded from the new changes. Note the part I have put a red box on.

I would think that our discount vouchers are part of our customer loyalty program. Our suggested customer loyalty program does collect names and email addresses and other details so it is a fact that a customer loyalty program exists.

Also, most of our clients do not use it all the time so for most, it is a temporary marketing promotion. However, if you run it all the time, I suggest that you frequently change the details eg frequently change the percentage and so the amounts so that it is not a *permanent* promotion eg Mothers Day season special X% off, St Patricks season special Y% off, etc.

Following discussions, we have had with several people, we are currently changing our software. This will be released in an emergency patch going out tonight that will allow you to make changes to make it clear to your clients that these vouchers are part of your customer loyalty program. Details will go out in our newsletter shortly.