Delivery report

One common problem is that people doing deliveries tend to find the printed delivery reports with the route marked on it inconvenient to take.

Some reasons would be:

-It may be that they do not start the run from the shop, so its hard for them to get a copy first

-As it can be a large document, it can be hard to keep track of where they are up to

-It is not easy to carry if they need to leave the truck

-It is not easy to read paper printout in the dark.

Well, here is the solution.

You can email them the delivery report automatically. This saves a lot of time as you do not have to do anything for them to get today's delivery report. What you do is set an email address to a delivery person here.

The delivery person will get an email automatically with their delivery report into their smartphone which is backlighted so it can be read easily in the dark, it is easy to carry and is fully searchable too.