Debt controlling


Debt is everywhere, it affects almost every human organisation, in my lifetime, I have seen the greatest empire in the world, the USSR and most important people like the Shah of Iran collapse from it. 

They did not have money to pay for people, and because of the debt no-one would lend them more money, soon their worlds collapsed.

Debt is part of modern life. If you sit back and wait, the worst might just happen. Here is a quick way of determining just how much debt your business is owed.

So go to main menu.

Register reports

Now usually, I would recommend using Trial Balance(excel), but for this example, I just wish it to be simple, so I selected Trial Balance.



Now select today's date, although just to show you the power of our system, I picked a random date many years ago.

I also selected by order by Surname as I think it makes it easier to find, and I ignored the "More Criteria" because I do want to keep it simple, but I urge you to experiment later with these options.



Now out pops among other details a page like this one below Although for security reasons, I blanked out the names, you can see all the relevant information is here.


A total will be printed at the end.

This gives you a quick look to understand your situation.


What interesting exercise is to go back in and select today's date last year and see how your debt situation is shaping up. If it is dramatically going up, I would suggest that you take action rather then praying for the best.


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