DD2 invoice problems

I tried to get one newsagency supplier to get them to use the correct file formats for sending their invoices to one of our clients. This would save our client a fair amount of data entry.
What the supplier refused telling me that as the DD2 was copyrighted, they would not use them. Also if they used DD2, they would have to pay money to XChangeIT, something I doubt. I do however accept that if it is copyrighted it will be of concern to some suppliers.

What I immediately told them was if they were worried about copyright that they should consider using either standard stock file format which can be created by almost complete novices on computers or DDO which requires a programmer. Both of these POS Solutions owns the copyright and we certainly have no intention of enforcing this copyright. I then told the supplier that if they were in any way worried about this they could have that in writing.

Both these formats have the added advantage as every newsagency system I know of can import these formats which is not true of DD2.

The last possibility is the older POS Solutions INV file format, which again can be imported into any newsagency system. On non POS Solutions sites before you can use these formats however you need to change the extension from INV to DDO before you can import.

If anyone gets you an excuse like this, just send them to me.