Current readership figures for publications



In newsagency industry, healthy readership figures encourage advertisers to pay for advertisements so helping subsidise the price of newspapers and magazines and keeping the retail price low. The importance is so great to a publication that when you talk to their circulation managers they are much more concerned with the readership than circulation. That is one reason why we have oversupply.

The most influential survey on this is the Roy Morgan results in readership in Australia.

Recently, they have released their current results.

I decided to create a table of results for newspapers which you can see. These figures are in 1,000s please contact us for details.

As we do not see newspapers as a growing market but we need to keep what we have. So in this sense newspaper readership with its slight drop is acceptable, as to advertisers we can say what you had two years ago, we can offer you a similar result today. This is national, say locally in Tasmania you can see a terrible situation.

I decided to create a table of results for weekly magazines which you can see. These figures are also in 1,000s

As you can see, these are not stable. These have dropped by more than 10%. In the industry nationally, the weekly magazines are probably our greatest concern.

Note to create these tables, I did not use the link supplied but a confidential report that I subscribe too.