Congratulations to our clients in Victoria


POS Solutions’ clients just picked up all the awards at the prestigious for excellence Victorian Newsagent of the Year Awards 2009 in newsagency management and operations.

This year's winner was Hadfield Newsagency and Lucky Lotto.

East Ringwood Newsagency won the Distribution Newsagent
Yarrawonga Newsagency won the Employee of the year
Morwell Newsagency the Retail Newsagency

It makes us all at POS feel good as all these people picked us.

Morwell Newsagency, I remembered immediately after it was burnt in an arson attack coming to see a depressed owner, Ray. Everything was broken, trashed or burnt. Many business documents that are irreplaceable were gone. It looked dangerous as the electrical wires were hanging everywhere so we were all so careful just in case one was live. Later it was rebuilt. When I saw it at a user meeting, it looked terrific. Clearly the judges agreed, as they awarded him the prize. Ray is shocked about winning. He said to me that he was amazed that so many people are happier about it than he is. He is just in shock.