Confidential information


A common problem many face is that because everyone in the business could get access to any computer in the systems, how do they keep their information confidential?

So what we do is set up our users with an encrypted disk drive. Anything on these encrypted disk drives until they supply the correct password is unreadable. Once they put in a password, it acts as a normal drive with its own letter, accessible like any other drive. When they finish and close the program, and it turns back into unreadable again to anyone without the password. Doing this is a big advantage too if their computer is lost or stolen, as no one can read their private information.

Until recently we used TrueCrypt to do this but for some reason, TrueCrypt shut down. No one quite knows why. So now we use the new VeraCrypt which we think is better.

Once VeraCrypt is set up it is so secure, that I doubt anyone in Australia could break it.


Enjoy your privacy.
Note here is some information on the new key disclosure laws.