Christmas trade outlook this year


It is getting to the time of year when many of my clients will do a major part of their trade this year. I hope you have prepared. Among your other tasks, you will need now to make sure your stock ordering is right. This is something our point of sale can help you. You will also need to look into your staff levels again something our point of sale can help you with this too.

Overall, the Australian economy now is moving forward but only marginally.



In comparison, this is what it looks like on 4 Oct 2017.


The figures are roughly the same as the pluses and minus cancelling each other out. For example, the interest rates now are a bit lower but people have fewer savings because Australians are paying off debt rather than spending.

We are in the black (which is better than many countries), our major trading partners are growing, but their growth rates are down, so that does not look good for the future. It would be nice if we got some good exports going, we could use the money. 

There are signs that do appear to show that the yearly growing interest in Christmas trend is static.

Measured interest using Data Source: Google Trends ("

What is still apparent is that the trend of a long Christmas season is continuing, two years ago when I measured it, it was about 6-7 weeks starting in mid-December, now it started in late November and you can expect it to continue to late January about 8-9 weeks period.

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