Christmas preparations 2017


There is less than 10 weeks to go to Christmas, so I suggest you start looking at whether you have enough stock.

A good way of starting your investigations is here on your POS system.

Go into cash register reports


Now pick "Select Top N Stock sales for a given period" shown with a green arrow.

Now select initially the period from 18/Oct/16 to the 16/Jan/17

I am going to ask for a report sorted by profit.


This gave me a list of the most profitable items.


Now look through the list to see what you sold during this period last year and check with the stock on hand (SOH) to see if you think you have sufficient Make notes


These are the items that worked for you last year. The odds are that most of them will work again. For many, you need to check with your suppliers the status of stock ordering and receiving from them over this period after all buying a big order is the last resort.

Also what you need to check if they are a excellent seasonal seller are they in a good position? Do you have proper displays?

Is there any wiggle margin perhaps you can increase your prices slightly on these items?

Furthermore, I do suggest running this report again sorted by numbers as this shows what people are actually coming in to buy, remember a buy in retail is often called a vote.