Christmas ordering

About now, I think we all start to look at Christmas.

Talking to people it appears that most think that Christmas will be good this year, the economy is doing well and interest in Christmas is up from last year which is well up from five years ago which can be measured using Google Trends

The trend appears to be continuing that the selling season for Christmas is getting longer so it will probably be again from mid-December to late January. So we are talking about 6-7 weeks.

So now is the last time you have to get your stock ordering right for Christmas, which is a big job as you have potentially thousands of stock items in your shop to consider fortunately our point of sale software can help you with that.

This I tell people every year to do.

Check all your equipment work, your computer connections and power plugs that you require over Christmas are working? The odds are its going to get much busier. Many of you are now planning to bring in some of the old POS machines “out of the closet” to accommodate the rush period. Have you tested it to make sure it works? Some of it have not been used in almost a year, a lot can happen in a year even if its just in the shelf. Have you checked that you have all the cables? Do you have a connection into your network where you need it? Can this equipment link into your system? Does it all work if you plug it in? I suggest you try it now.

What is going to happen if you have extra staff and the computer register does not work? I have seen this happen all too often.

It is wise to test this now in advance to ensure they’re running properly.

The closer it gets to Christmas, the harder it gets to repair in time!

Preparing for the Christmas holidays is a fun time, but you need to use these next two months wisely to put your best face on your store.