Changeover from Network to Gotch

For those handling magazines, the biggest problem, I suspect for many will be the massive bill shock for the March GG statement. It will have all the deliveries they used to get from Network and none of the returns. Those returns will be on the Network statement.

The other problem is, although I do believe that the GG systems are better than Network, it will take time for them to get the supply figures right. You will need to check where the purple circles are below while you are stock receiving the supply figures closely as you invoice magazines in, order any shortages and instantly return any oversupply to keep the March bill as low as possible.

Technically for those on XChangeIT, the changeover we do not see many problems as XChangeIT uses the barcode which will not change.

Please click here for the details. .

For those not on XChangeIT, who as such are manually invoicing, there will be problems. While invoicing you will need to look up, each magazine by description and then add the new supplier/supplier code in. This will take time. This is why some are talking at the moment of doing an early cull of Network magazines. The other reason is that many are complaining of what Network are suddenly now sending. However, we can help as here you will find a dictionary file of the GG and Network codes. There are two versions of the file as the B version has two rows for the Woman’s Day and the Woman’s Weekly as Gotch is going to have different product codes for the Metro and Country Newsagents.

I suggest you download them, and once you find which one is applicable to you, use it as a reference.



Note some people have asked us if there is an extra $495 charge from us like others are charging their users. The answer is NO. Our users are not getting charged.