Cardplai offer


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Cardplai, the only greeting card with the gift of music, is now available in an integrated form for POS Systems users.

To celebrate this Cardplai has a special offer exclusive to POS Systems users.

For one week only Cardplai are extending the introductory offer sign up security deposit for only $99.95, instead of the standard $199.95.

This offer also comes with a 7 day, full refund cooling off period.

Also the security deposit is counted as credit against your first card sales. After that, all cards are sold on consignment.

What is Cardplai?

Cardplai is the perfect gift for under $20.

The Cardplai range allows you to offer your customers a combine gift and card range that appeals to all age groups and incomes.

Each Cardplai greeting card allows you to go online to Cardplai and pick 10 digital tracks to make a mixed tape¹ from a catalogue of over 500 000 tracks.

For older or less technology savvy customers, they can simple buy the card and send it like any other card. The recipient then goes online and picks 10 tracks to download.

Cardplai allows to you carry a gift range of 38 000 albums in one small unit.

You make $5 from every card you sell and cards are sold on consignment.

If you feel that a gift range of under $200 that appeals to all age groups will help your business sign up today by calling 1300 651 252 or go online to fill in an application at cardplai.

Remembers, the $99.95 sign up offer is exclusive to Pos Systems users and finishes on Friday February 20.


Craig Harris
Tel 1300 651 252