Calculate how you went on Father's day 2022


Financial analysis can say, "what not calculated cannot be managed." besides, working from a gut feeling is stupid if you can get exact figures from your POS System.

This is how you can calculate how your shop travelled over Father's Day 2022; so let us get some facts.

In your POS software

Go to reports and click on sales.


Point of sale menu selection for compare

Now select the last seven days. For the first run, ignore all the extra options you can examine here. Once you see what it does, you can expand for more detail. Use for the previous date the week before.

A report with the simplified options is here.

Comparison reports

Now there are lots of details for you to examine. I think the most important is the $Profit column.

If you want to look at one department, click on the left.

What can also be an interesting view is to compare this Father's Day to a previous Father's Day. If so you need to consider the official Australian inflation rate is 6.1% which is the highest recorded since 1990.  

Let me know how you travelled.

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