Bulk buying


A successful retail business depends greatly on having the right product, at the right price, at the right time. Ideally, they want to have the threshold inventory quantity which is the minimum amount of stock required because of our point of sale software, our clients can track stock levels. Threshold levels can be monitored and stock orders implemented.

However, sometimes, what happens is for some reason suppliers offer our retailers special prices for bulk orders. Sometimes they are once off, but sometimes they are ongoing offers. A typical offer here maybe be "Buy a pallet load and the price is reduced by X%"




Now our POS system can help you monitor these bulk offers.

If you go to the stock system.




Now in maintenance, under suppliers, you can set these bulk quantities by a range of different criteria. See in green the Bulk discount offer, I referred to. What is a very idea to put for these items the offers from several different to suppliers to allow you to determine the best price for these bulk buys?

If you do such bulk purchases, then I do suggest going through this part of our system.