Boxing day


The marketing season now has us on Boxing Day. This is the time where retailers traditionally try to shed the last of their 2019 stock before the newer 2020 products.  It is one of the biggest days on the Australian shopping calendar. 

I hope you are ready, but if you have nothing for the last-minute gift shoppers and the bargain hunters today, then I suggest you look at my previous post titled "Last-minute shoppers" here. It should give you some ideas.

"The National Retail Association (NRA) forecasts that Aussie shoppers will splash more than $2.6 billion in cash nationwide". If so this is the biggest Boxing Day ever in Australia. They are expecting from the Roy Morgan who has been quite accurate over the past few years in their retail sales forecasts, predict that Australians are going to spend $18.7 billion across retail stores during the post-Christmas trading period (Boxing Day to January 15). That is an increase of 2.3 per cent from a year ago.

If so as in last year this season is not as high daily as it used to be, but as a season its longer, much longer.











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