Borders bookshop and magazine subscriptions


I do shop at Borders bookshop. Although they can be expensive, they do have a terrific range in their computer section. However, Borders is not just a bookshop but it also a large magazine seller. So yesterday while looking through their catalogue, I was drawn to their magazine subscriptions section

I started to scanning these magazines trying to discover what formula Borders were used to price their magazine subscription. Mainly as we are thinking of doing something in our newsagency software. I wanted to know what is the market rate for a subscription? So I looked at a few and doing some estimate it appeared the subscription prices were more than 15% off retail although some looked like 20%. That does not leave much, I thought if one is working on 25%.

Then I noticed WHO. The 6-Month Subscription price was $69.95. There is a saying, if a figure looks wrong, it probably is. This one looked wrong. WHO is weekly at a retail price of $4.70. So six months is 26 weeks x $4.7 about $120. Take off 25%, you still could not sell a 6 months subscription for $69.95

Now I have nothing competition if it is fair. Here I am not sure.

Since they are Pacific Magazines products, I think it would be a good idea for the Newsagency association to clear it up. For example, MPA is regularly in communication with newsagents. The head of the MPA is Nick Chan, who is also the CEO of Pacific Magazines. He has always struck me as a straight and reasonable person. He would be a good person to approach. There is nothing wrong with someone calmly trying to determine what is happening?

I think that Borders are on-selling Pacific magazine subscriptions. If so, why cannot newsagents? I might be wrong. It might be nothing and my suspicions and figures are wrong? However, If something is there, what is causing this? Maybe Borders know something newsagents do not? If so, perhaps newsagents can join in? If not, it would be nice to know why not.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is often worrying.