Bill payment markets still going strong

Acceptance of bill payments despite what some say are a huge market today, which is available to all our clients free.

Currently, the Australian market is estimated at $20 billion. That is a lot of foot traffic. Let us say that the people using this service, have an average bill between $50 and $150, that is about 200 million transactions. That is a lot of foot traffic, which is what merchants who offer bill payment services are looking at. A study of those merchants who use it shows that typically, each merchants process around 40-60 transactions per month but some newsagents we see much higher volumes of 200 transactions with some reaching 300 plus.

Apart giving their customers (existing as well as prospective) even more reasons to walk into the shop, the newsagent earns a rebate of $0.50 per transaction which I believe is the highest rate on offer.

Plus there is nothing you have to spend extra with us as you can use your POS Solutions system!

It is fully integrated, all you need to do is a couple of keystrokes, on the cash register screen.

I suggest that you seriously consider it in your shop. You get free posters and signage. There are no costs to the merchant – no monthly fee, no commitment to stay on. So it's not surprising that with this system, about 50 merchants are joining a month.

Most of you on Monday will get a formal letter of offer sent by email from us.