Best way to increase sales is to increase the basket size

If you read what many experts say about retail sales, what is clear is the best and easiest way of increasing retail sales is to sell a little more to everyone that buys in the shop.

That is why our system has reports that tell you what items sell well with other items or categories

You will find one here in the Sales reports "Category Companion Sales by Period"

Once you click on that it will then take you to another screen which lets you select the dates and the item or category that you wish to check.

What is a useful is to select a good selling item or category. Now run this report for last year for the same period this year that you want. Now check to see for the items and categories that sell well with these items or categories. Then make sure that these items and categories are clearly noticeable to the buyers of the checked items. Its a great way to pick up additional sales.

For example, I would suggest anyone who sells tobacco makes sure that anyone buying these products can clearly see that you have touch or epay, drinks and confectionery.